Monday, July 4, 2011

Presentation on Australia, to the Rotary Club of Lieksa

When you are an exchange student, your main responsibility is to be an ambassador for your home country. You may be the first person from your home that people have met, so how you behave will influence how they view everyone from your country.

Part of your job as an ambassador is tell people about where you come from.

So every Rotery Exchange Student makes a speech about their home to their host Rotary Club. Mine was on the 27th of May.

I made a pact with myself at the start of my year that I would do it in Finnish. The only problem was there was no way I would be able to write an hour long speech about Australia in Finnish.

So I wrote the whole thing in English.

And it was translated by my friends at Leiksan Lukio, and my Youth Exchange Officer.

So I did it, 1 hour in Finnish. It was not the best performance, but it was understandable and in Finnish and that's whats most important.

And I just want to thank everyone who helped me, because it would have been impossible without them.

Kiitoksia paljon.

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