Monday, July 4, 2011

Liikunta paiva-Sports Day

School finished on the 3rd of May and to cap off the school year, Lieksan Lukio held a sports day. I was really excited for it, sport is become probably my favourite thing to do in Finland. It brings everyone together, everyone talks to me and its fun.

In the morning of sports day I went kayaking. It was really nice but I ended up really wet because every time I went to paddle I would accidently dip my hand into the coldish water.

After paddling we had a tournament between the different classes. There were 4 games in total, the first tug of war.

The second was a piggy back race.

Milk is perhaps the most universally popular drink in Finland, everyone drinks it and at most meals. At school everyone drinks it with lunch. So the third game involved milk. Milk throwing specifically.

And the third was some kind of obstacle  course.

I finished to day playing Pes├Ąpallo (Finnish Baseball).

And what made this day extra good is that we got hamburgers for lunch with the best lettuce I have ever seen in Finland.

So it was quite possibly the best school day ever.

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