Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For all of you who don't know.

The Eurovision song contest was held last weekend.

This year Finland sent Paradise Oskar with his song Da da dum.


He didn't win in the end but he came 21st and I think lots of the world really liked him. Coming 21st means that he got through the first round of votes and into the grand final.

The winner this year was Azerbaijan. This is the official video from the winning song

My other favorites from the night were;

And the rest are on you-tube if you are interested. 

Two people in my school asked me if Australia was sending someone to Eurovision this year. Not being a part of Europe it would be difficult, but I think it is something the government should seriously think about. At the beginning of the contest the hosts said hello to Australia, and the Australians watching at 5am. So I think perhaps this will help to get us in in future years. First a hello and then a winning song!

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