Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter in Finland

I only left Finland for 4 days and all my snow melts! I came back to a rainy Finland and the snow quickly melted away. There are still a few mounds of it but it is practically all gone!

Winter in Finland is the most beautiful thing. The Finnish forests are so open and inviting that the light shins through the wilderness and glistens on the silver birch trees. There is something magical about it.  

I knew I would love snow before I arrived but I must say I really really REALLY love snow.

I flew into a white Finland and now I am seeing the seasons change from Winter to Spring. I knew it would come but I hoped that it would stay the winter wonderland I arrived too for the rest of the year. I am so lucky that I came to Finland in such a snowy winter. There was over a meter of snow! And it was FANTASTIC.

Clearing the driveway one Sunday afternoon on my first week in Lieksa

Yes it was cold at times less then -30 at times but even when it is that cold I didn’t care because I just looked around and saw how much snow there was and then I couldn’t feel anything negative.

Koli (the national park across Lake Pielinen) is probably the best winter place in the world. The trees look like cakes dripping in white icing. I drove over the frozen lake twice this winter to go to Koli for snowboarding. The picture probably describe it better then any words I can write, but it looks un-real. (and also it is more shiny in real life)

The most famous Finnish view. I hopefully can see it in all the different seasons. Summer is the most popular.

All the winter I was so sad when I thought about the snow melting, but now that it has melted I have discovered that Spring is actually really nice.

Lieksa is already a totally different place, the town is more open and spacious and I now realise where the foot paths are.

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