Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Leikola Show

The spring is now in full swing. The temperature gage even said +37 today (it was not that hot but the sun was shinning strait onto it). Since the sun has been shinning and the days have become longer, I have noticed a real shift in the behaviour of the Finns. I have read that people get tired and a bit depressed over the winter and then increasingly more active as the summer comes. Now this may be true. Over the past couple of weeks since I returned from Russia my classmates are getting louder, seem to be joking around more, smiling more and some even dance in the Sumppila (Student hang out room).

To mark the beginning of the Easter holiday and celebrate the coming of spring, the Hallitus (student council) organised a concert.

There were to be two acts. The first a local Heavy Band called the Human Ruins. Before I left for Finland I had been told that Heavy Metal was very popular (it is) and so I imagined that Lieksa would have at least one local Heavy Band. It was fantastic to see that it actually did, and a pretty good one at that I think.

The second and main event of the evening was a show by Ismo Leikola; one of Finland’s most famous stand up comedian! I knew going in that I was not going to understand a word of what he was going to say. But EVERYONE in school was going so of course I had to go too. And even though I could only understand a few words and a wage jist of what he said, and none of his actual punch lines, I knew from the sound of the crowed and the sight of Finns doubled over in laughter that he was FUNNY.
Leikola being funny.
Leikola playing guitarre
And I think Leikola looks like Peter Jackson and also a bit like my Dad

He was funny to look at too and with the laughter around me, I really enjoyed the show and laughed along with the rest of the jam-packed hall.
The filled up hall. I clicked a moment after everyone stopped laughing.

The Hallitus did a great job organising the whole thing, it was a fantastic night enjoyed by many many many of the people who live in Lieksa.  They are all so great.

And I cannot wait to see how everyone gets come summer.

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