Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

The Summer is now over, and this morning I had to wake up and get ready for the school day. Not only was it hard to wake up earlier then I had all summer, but I had made myself the promise that from now on I will only speak Finnish in School, so I was also worried about how that would go.

Now although I already broke the no English Rule, (I spoke in English with the School Councilor when I chose my subjects, and with a friend over Lunch) I spoke more Finnish then I ever have at Lieksan Lukio. I am determined to achieve my goal of speaking Finnish well. This means speaking it at school and tomorrow when classes begin, there will be no slip ups. If I achieve this I will buy myself a bar of chocolate as a reward.

But the first day back was quite ok. I was only in school between 9 and 11:30ish. We had a short assembly and then a information lesson with our home class. I got a free school diary with coupons for discounts at H&M and some food stores. This was the first highlight of my day. After this lesson was finished I went to choose my new timetable. I am now taking 2 classes of English (the same course with two different classes) - probably a bad idea in hindsight but its a break - Finnish, Psychology, Heath Sciences, Music and only one class of Sport.

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